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Hide Tanning

  July 19th to 21st

With Lacey Jean...Mutton Maven.

Celebrating all things sheep

Sometimes-shepherd, mobile slaughter-butcher

hide tanner & educator

advocate for sovereignty

Wooden Surface

And you leave with your very own Sheep Skin!!
included: camping, lunches & dinners,
sheepskin to work, basic tools to take home,
wooden frames to use for the retreat


To register
please scroll down and send me an email so that Heidi can get you a registration form

(to check out Lacy Jean go to her website:


The 3 day workshop will entail each person getting their own sheepskin to work on with the basic tools which they can take home.  Lacey will supply the wooden frames for use, and they can be purchased if folks want to take them home.

Friday will start at noon and ends with a BBQ dinner.  Saturday is all day with a midday break for lunch.  Sunday starts at 9 and goes to aprox 1 pm or whenever folks are finished with their skins.

Being in decent physical condition

is important.

It is a strenuous project, but well worth all the work that you will put into it! 

Limited Space
register by sending an email to Heidi below

Wooden Board

Hands on, building skills

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